PhenoCODE is a phenotype exploration module in Sequence Miner that allows users to mine and gain insights from large sets of phenotypic data quickly and efficiently.


PhenoCODE module in Sequence Miner


PhenoCODE is enabled per project and may not be available on your Sequence Miner instance. To learn more, contact your WuXi NextCODE representative.

Queries and reports in PhenoCODE are generated using Set Definition Language (SDL), a relational query language designed specifically for defining sets of items that meet certain criteria. Similar in some respects to SQL and GOR pipe syntax but easier to learn and use, SDL’s simple syntax bridges the gap between basic and more advanced search expressions. For users familiar with SQL, SQL statements can be combined with SDL query expressions. GOR also supports SDL queries.

PhenoCODE’s query and reporting tools also support visual drag-and-drop functionality, enabling users to define queries and reports in a more intuitive way, without the need for prior programming knowledge.

PhenoCODE comes with the UK Biobank dataset, which contains the anonymous phenotype and genotype data of 500,000 individuals from across the UK.

This section provides an overview of how to use PhenoCODE to explore phenotypic data and build reports, including: